In early 2009, I was having issues controlling my anger. My DDD case manager referred me to Capitol Care, Inc. to participate in the day program as well as the anger management groups. One of my biggest accomplishments is that I have learned coping skills to use in everyday life to control my anger. This has helped me become more independent. Since attending Capitol Care, Inc. I have made great friendships, such as my best friend Teri. I am also the leader of the Monday Morning Advocacy Group, a role I have taken on at Capitol Care, Inc. I can thank my family, peers, and staff for my success. -Aileen

What is so good about Capitol Care, Inc.? the program helps us get jobs, to be independent, and make good choices and decisions to live a happy healthy lifestyle in the life we are living now. It helps us to achieve the goals we want in life. Capitol Care, Inc. is a good place and is a great role model for others in the word who needs the help that we clients need. So if someone out there is looking for somewhere to live a happy, healthy and good lifestyle I would suggest you call up and talk to someone. These people are a good influence in people’s lives as they have made a difference and a change in minds and they can do the same for you. Thanks for listening to my story, God bless. -LaShonda

When I lived in ECS for two months then Capitol Care, Inc. placed me in a new home and a new program. The groups make me happy because I learned a lot of things like how to behave and make my health better. -Manuel

Capitol Care, Inc. helped me get out of the hospital and learn to live on my own. They take me places. I got better because they helped me move myself up and I learned a lot of things. -Richard

When I was first coming to Capitol Care, Inc. I was running away and hurting myself because I didn’t want to be here; I started hating this place and going to the hospital. A year had gone by and I started to realize everything will be fine. I love my life and I like Capitol Care, Inc. they are helping me with my depression and I am not running away anymore because how am I going to get well if I run away a lot? I love the staff here. I talk more to them, I give them respect more and also they give me respect. I started with a lot of problems here but they helped me a lot; if I wasn’t here I don’t know where I would be. -Angela

I like this program because the counselors actually care about everyone’s well-being. They have great groups, you learn a lot about yourself, and how to prevent relapse. This program has taught me a lot about the dangers of drug use. I have also changed a lot the past two months by coming here. I came here with a negative attitude, but now I am learning that everyone is equal and I have a very positive attitude now and a positive outlook on life. -Victoria