Individual Support Services

Treatment Program:

Capitol Care, Inc. provides individual service models to families and individuals with developmental disabilities living in an independent setting. The current programs offered are Self-Directed Services, Real Life Choices, and In-Home and Own-Home Supports. These services have been developed to assist those persons needing additional supports at home in the areas of social skills development, community integration, and life skills development. The program services are developed through a person centered model utilizing communication, coordination and planning for the services and needs with all those involved in the person’s life. A care plan is developed through areas identified in the orientation process, open lines of communication and goals of the individual we serve. An interdisciplinary team approach ensures the person obtains the best support possible.

Treatment Team:

Capitol Care, Inc. obtains quality staff to service all program elements. The staff is provided training and ongoing guidance from the individual’s support team consisting of a Department Director, Program Coordinator, and Clinical staff, when necessary.

Therapeutic Services:

The primary components of family support services include:

  • Assessment
  • Supports as approved by the Division of Developmental Disabilities
  • Development of a plan to ensure positive outcomes
  • Social and community integration activities
  • Life skills development which may include:
    • Nutrition and meal planning
    • Personal assistance services
    • Personal and home safety
    • Recreational events
    • Food shopping
    • Hygiene issues
    • Budgeting
    • Cooking assistance
    • Time management
    • Social skill development
    • Career exploration/volunteer opportunities
    • Guidance and support for maintaining/improving emotional and physical health (covers Dr. appointments, exercise)
    • Cultural awareness through museums, shows, concerts, theater, restaurants, workshops
    • Improvement of literary skills
    • Laundry
    • Creative expression


Referrals for screening and/or admission can be made by contacting the program Monday through Friday. Screening for admission can be done at the program, however most often takes place in the home. Referrals can also be made through the Division of Developmental Disabilities and individual support coordinators.