Residential Services

Autism, Mental Health and DDD Services in NJ

Capitol Care, Inc. is licensed by the Division of NJ Developmental Disabilities.

Our Mission:

To provide a safe environment for individuals while ensuring their health and well-being and to assist them in becoming independent through compassion, dedication and patience.

Treatment Program:

Capitol Care, Inc. has developed innovative residential services for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill population. Our residential services are provided in a natural setting, offering a clinical, therapeutic and person centered approach through the residential treatment spectrum. The residential setting has been developed to specifically address the needs of the population we are serving. The staff are trained in addressing clinical areas associated with the treatment and care of individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health issues. The staffing is composed of an interdisciplinary team that ensures communication through all spectrums of care for the residents. This approach has been taken due to the recognition that residential care staff provide hands on supervision of activities of daily living and behavior management. Therefore their communication with clinical staff working for the residential program is essential in addressing any areas of concerns. The program provides up to 24 hour staffing, or hours as determined by the team, with the focus on creating individual paths to exciting and community oriented futures.

Treatment Team:

Capitol Care, Inc. works hard at obtaining quality staff to service all program elements. The team of staff is led by a Program Director and consists of Managers, Shift Supervisors and Residential Specialists.

Therapeutic Services:

Our residential services provide daily assistance in a safe and caring setting. The staff work hard to establish realistic goals and objectives through the treatment plan process. A safe home environment and quality supports are provided to ensure that each resident obtains the care and services they need in the least restrictive setting.


Admission into the residence is based on review of a comprehensive intake packet, interviews, interdisciplinary treatment team meetings assessment, completion of all medical requirements and overnight stays. Information and referrals can be obtained by calling Monday through Friday during the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. Our Admissions Department can be reached at (844) 437-3482.