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Considering switching to a more meaningful job in 2019?  Capitol Care is hiring!  Check out our Careers page for details and available positions.

We are pleased to announce that Troy Upright has been promoted to Life Safety Officer and Kellie Ortiz has been promoted to Purchasing Coordinator.  We are excited for the ideas and possibilities they bring to these new positions!  It is also our pleasure to congratulate Melissa Jerram, Manager of Clinical Services for Mental Health, on receiving her license as a Professional Couselor!

Did you catch us at the 2019 Abilities Expo at the NJ Convention and Expo Center this past weekend?  Maybe you saw us on News Channel 12 talking about it! 

What sets Capitol Care apart?

We are the premier provider of behavioral health services in New Jersey.  Our facilities, outcomes, and inspection results are second to none, laying a foundation for the very highest quality of services to be delivered to our individuals.  The achievements of the individuals in our substance use, mental health, and developmental disability programs are unparalleled.

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