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What sets Capitol Care South apart?

We are the premier provider of mental health services in the greater Birmingham, AL area.  Our facility, outcomes, and inspection results are second to none, laying a foundation for the very highest quality of services to be delivered to our individuals.  The achievements of the individuals in our mental health programs are unparalleled.

Day Services

Outpatient Services

Our Philosophy

Capitol Care South's person centered philosophy puts the individual in the driver's seat of their services.  We work across disciplines and within the provider community to meet each person's specific needs in day treatment and outpatient services. Using evidence-based and best practices our highly trained and qualified professionals help our individuals move their lives in incredible directions.

Core Beliefs

Capitol Care South invests in outcomes for everyone we serve, collaborating with individuals and families to enhance community involvement and developing peer supports.  Our interdisciplinary teams help each person explore their concept of wellness to include physical, social, relational, and other culturally competent and meaningful goals.  Our core beliefs of individual choice, personal empowerment, inclusion, and adaptive supports drive every service we provide.

We work to identify and address mental and physical health conditions preventing a person from helping him or herself in the recovery process. We recognize the varying needs of individuals at all stages of life, taking into account their diverse backgrounds and life experiences. 

Families are supported in their own recovery process while their loved ones are at Capitol Care South. We maintain an inspiring environment offering individuals the safety and space to experience wellness at their own pace.

Choose Capitol Care South for your mental health needs, and discover a new experience in wellness.