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  • Welcome to Comprehensive Behavioral Health Program Serving New Jersey Residents

    Choosing a treatment program is always difficult, especially during times of stress or extreme need.
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    What distinguishes Capitol Care, Inc. from other NJ behavioral health agencies?

    The difference is in the way we approach treatment and recovery. The results are seen in the success stories lived out each and every day by individuals and alumnae of Capitol Care, Inc.

    Our Philosophy

    Capitol Care, Inc. treatment philosophy is to help individuals take ownership of their own livelong recovery journey by addressing the unique realities of their diagnosis and by learning to respond to emotional adversity with healthy thoughts and positive and psychological actions. This philosophy guides Capitol Care, Inc. as we hold ourselves accountable for putting our individuals and their families’ recovery journey first. We embody a spirit of mutual respect and trust as we support every individual in our care with relentless commitment and an unconditional, positive spirit. Capitol Care, Inc look at each person as an individual, and appropriately applies our accumulated knowledge about treatment and recovery.

    Core Beliefs

    We help each person re-discover and harness their personal strengths based on four core beliefs:

    1. Informed choice
    2. Empowerment
    3. Inclusion is the right of all people
    4. Responsive and flexible supports with outcomes

    We work to identify and address mental and physical health conditions preventing a person from helping him or herself in the recovery process. We recognize the varying needs of individuals at all stages of life, taking into account their diverse backgrounds and life experiences. We practice treatment methods proven effective by medical, clinical and academic research. Capitol Care, Inc. cultivates peer groups that assist individuals in building healthy friendships and learning to trust others both for support in their recovery and social lives. We employ distinguished clinical leadership with a combination of advanced schooling and education as well as real life and work experience.

    Families are supported in their own recovery process while their loved ones are at Capitol Care, Inc. We maintain an inspiring environment offering individuals with the safety and the space to experience wellness at their own pace.

    Programs are provided to fully support the needs of the persons served. Successful transitions are coordinated for each individual in our care from our program to less intensive levels of care and/or integration into the community.

    Capitol Care’s offices and houses are located throughout New Jersey.